18/30kV YJLHV62(ACGWU90) Al-alloy conductor, XLPE insulated, Al-alloy tape interlocking armored, PVC sheathed power cable

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xlpe insulated pvc sheathed cable for sale – xlpe insulated pvc sheathed . Cable Co.,Ltd Jiangsu Place of Origin: Jiangsu Chian Brand Name: Wucai Model Number: 18~30KV YJLHV32 APPLICATION YJLHV32-Aluminum Alloy Conductor XLPE Insulated .Chinese 22kv Xlpe Cable, Chinese 22kv Xlpe Cable Manufacturers YJLV22-Aluminium Conductor XLPE Insulated Steel Tape Armoured PVC Sheathed . Alloy Tape Sheath: PVC Working Temperature: Normal: 0℃ ~ 90℃,Special: – 40℃ ~ 90 .YJHLV22 XLPE insulated PVC sheathed power cable – YJLHV22 – .

China Yjlhv22 Aluminum Alloy Cable 8000 Series ASTM B 800 – China . Product Detail Basic Info Type: Insulated Conductor Type: Stranded Application: Overhead. Insulation Material: XLPE Certification: ISO9001 Product Description Aluminum alloy .Electric Conductors – Solidal, Quintas & Quintas Alloy cables with steel AACSR conductor (Aluminium Alloy Conductors Steel . Sections of 120 mm2 up to 1600 mm2 insulated with the dielectric extruded .. 18 ,6E-6. 420. 191-AL1/31-ST1A. 191/26+7. 191,2. 31,1 222,3. 26. 7. 3,06 . Double helix tape (multi core armoured cables) or aluminium tape (single core cables).

18/30kV YJLHV62(ACGWU90) Al-alloy conductor, XLPE insulated, Al-alloy tape interlocking armored, PVC sheathed power cable

Insulated Conductors proofing polyethylene or XLPE. Insulated Aluminum conductor is not treated as electrical . insulated rectangular copper conductors * mica tape insulated rectangular copper .XLPE Insulated Dust Filter Xlpe Power Cable Without Electromagnetic . XLPE insulated PVC inner covering steel tape armored PVC sheathed dust filter power . is 90. 3. For short circuit (5s), max.conductor temperature is 250. 4. The environmental .Pvc Pipeline Tape – Pvc Pipeline Tape Manufacturers, Suppliers

China Steel Tape Armoured Cable, Steel Tape Armoured Cable . YJLHV22 18-30KV Application: Overhead, Industrial, Power Station Voltage: High Voltage. Voltage-Aluminum Alloy Conductor XLPE Insulated PVC Sheathed Steel Tape Armoured .aluminum alloy conductor XLPE insulated power cable_产品中心_. alloy conductor XLPE insulated power cable aluminum alloy conductor XLPE insulated power cable ProductStandard:4*150+1*70 VoltageClasses:0.6/1kV ProductModel:YJLHV .Armored Alloy Cable(AC90), 0.6/1KV 4 cores/4 . – xlpe cable . 600V 4 Core 4MM, 6MM, 10MM, 16MM Steel Tape Armoured XLPE . 1 KV Copper Conductor XLPE Insulated . 3.6/6kV YJLHV62(ACGWU90) Al-alloy conductor, XLPE .YJHLV22 Rare earth high iron alloy electric power cable FOB Price . tape armoured cable aluminum alloy, also known as: YJLHV22, YJGLHV22, YJXLHV22 . alloy conductor, compression process. Insulation : 90 ℃ (flame retardant) environmental .(china,changfeng)YJHLV22 XLPE insulated PVC sheathed power .

m-VOLT® 18/30 kV or 19/33 XLPE Insulated , Round Steel Tape . Construction. Stranded aluminum conductor. Inner semi-conductive layer. XLPE insulation. Outer semi-conductive layer. Semi-conductive tape. Copper tape .YJHLV8(AC90)_Aluminium Alloy Cable XLPE Insulation Inter Locked Aluminium Alloy Tape Armored Aluminium Alloy Power Cable . Conductor: 8000series al alloy conductor, compressing process . 0.6/1kV, 3.6/6kV, 6/10kV, 8.7/17kV, 12/20kV,18/30kV, 21/35kV, 26/35kVChina Alloy 8000 Interlocking Armored Cable (YJLHBV22) – China . alloy conductor, 90 degrees of XLPE insulated, double steel armor&. flame retardance. *Have galvanized steel tape armored protection layer&.Xlpe Cable As Crosslinking Agent Products – China and Global Xlpe . insulated or/and XLPE /PVC sheathed Power Cables;3. Steel tape armoured cables;4. . alloy power cable. 79% current carrying, 1/3weight, 30-50%price of the copper conductor.NA2XS2Y RE 18/30 kV – Nexans Oct 15, 2013 – . Energy cables, MV underground power cables, NA2XS2Y RE 18/30 kV. . XLPE-insulated cables with PE sheath, solid aluminium conductor.Products Catalogue_图文_百度文库 – wenku.baidu . Product Image 15 Product Description Model Number: YJLHV62 (ACWU90) Description: XLPE Insulated Al Alloy Tape . 18/30kV , 21/35kV, 26/35kV . conductor .(PART-I, SECTION-1) Boot for XLPE cable 240 mm sq. 8 . 11 11 KV Heat shrinkable Dry Type outdoor . Nuts/Bolts/Screws/washers made of Non-alloy Steel 3 Rs.25/Kg 67A Bright bars made out .